The Green Belt and Road Investor Alliance (GBRIA) is an international investor group that supports sustainable and investable projects along the Belt and Road. The group will focus on creating tools for efficient crowding in of private capital to projects that also involve public capital.

The creation of the Investor Alliance was a key recommendation of Greening the Belt and Road, and one that has been welcomed by the People’s Bank of China. It brings together two of London’s biggest strengths- our globally recognised leadership and knowledge in green finance, and the financing power of the international investment community based here.

The initial meeting of the Alliance was held at the City of London on 1 November 2017, when Core Contributors met to agree priorities and deliverables for the Alliance. Workstreams will focus on

  • Agreeing a Green BRI Standard and Criteria
  • Optimising Capital Efficiency in Green BRI Projects
  • Capacity Building

To find out more about the alliance please contact us here.

Who is involved?

Core contributors to the initiative include:

  • Agricultural Bank of China
  • China-Britain Business Council
  • Green Investment Group
  • JP Morgan
  • Standard Chartered

City of London’s role as Secretariat

As the world’s top ranked global financial centre, The City of London Corporation is committed to Green Finance and sustainability as a priority for financial services.  We also see the BRI’s opportunity for global infrastructure players.  We are delighted to convene this platform of investors on this important topic and commit to leveraging the City’s global connections to promote the policy and commercial outcomes across the Belt and Road.