Belt and Road Initiative

Destination: London

The Belt and Road Initiative is major global initiative, touching 64% of the world’s population and 29% of the world’s GDP. It will transform international connectivity, connecting the East to the West.

London is the Western end of the Belt and Road – we are the world’s leading global financial centre, and a major hub for international infrastructure investment. We offer access to global capital markets and are the largest foreign exchange centre.

Use this website to find out more on how London can support the successful development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

I am very proud of our long-standing trade links with China and the contributions that Chinese businesses and our thriving Chinese community make to our economic prosperity.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, China is one of the leading sources of investment into the capital. The Belt and Road Initiative will unlock a whole new range of opportunities for both London and Chinese businesses and will further strengthen economic and cultural links between our cities.

Rt. Hon Dr Liam Fox

Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade

I am delighted to welcome you to this website – the home of the Belt and Road Initiative for London.

The UK is the natural western hub of the Belt and Road, an ambitious infrastructure strategy that offers many opportunities for companies in the City, particularly those in the financial and professional services industry.

I look forward to working together to identify how best we can cooperate on the Belt and Road initiative across the region. The Department for International Trade stands ready to support businesses in accessing the opportunities the Initiative presents.

Charles Bowman

Lord Mayor of London

London’s financial and professional services industry is ideally placed to support the success of the Belt and Road Initiative.

As the natural western hub of the Belt and Road, the City of London is happy to support this ambitious infrastructure and development project